Ang (ang_grrr) wrote in thebookgroup,

And in a rare bout of efficiency...

Can you nominate for this month, please. I'll be posting the poll on Monday (7th) and voting will close on 11th November. I'm hoping this will get us back on track.

Thank you to everyone who completed my poll. The results are going to be added to the recommendations. I was cheered to see that a significant number of people are using the group to guide reading choice but I'm saddened that I am the only person who has made a top level post here since August. If you did nominate a book, or if you have read a book on the current reading list, think about writing a review of it to try and stimulate some discussion. I know, I know, I'm as bad as any of you!

And now... I'm nominating Bleak House by Mr Dickens because it's on telly.
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